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4 Solos, 4 the Smells

Moberg gallery

July 12 - August 31


Opening night of 4 Solos Photo: Rachel

Response by Holly Wist


Lynn Basa : painting (website)

Red Dwarf. If you’ve never spent an afternoon looking in an astronomy book, you should check out Basa’s panel paintings. They’re like that, only without the math.


Stephanie Brunia : like photography (website)

Attempt 3114. There’s an appropriate awkwardness to Brunia’s “the Space Inbetween.” Brunia explains in her artist’s statement, “We make attempts to be known, to be seen, connect. Yet we are ill-equipped to breach our corporeal selves.” The photo has a kind of calm confusion. The figures are nude, but they have a monumental feel, a respectful feel. Whatever the misconceptions between figures, there isn’t much antagonism. There’s a pretty big contrast between the nudity in Brunia’s work and that in Jordan Weber’s.


Jordan J Weber : installation stuff (website)

From Weber’s other works, I gathered that he’s interested in vices. This series gets under my skin more than his other pieces. I suppose because these are plastic women with cartoon heads.


Sandra Perlow : painting (website)

Follow Her. Perlow’s paintings have abstract images grounded by textiles into a very specific physical experience. Specific abstractions. It’s a bit contradictory, but that’s how I read them.