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ALERT!! Artist Voices Needed Tonight!

URGENT! Artist Voices Needed Tonight!
A critical portion of our project funding is at risk. Tonight, City of Des Moines Planning & Zoning Commission is voting on the site plan of a piece of land we’re selling to QuikTrip. The sale is critical to our ability to start construction.

Art316 and Northland Studios have both closed their doors this month and artist voices are not often heard. This is a perfect opportunity to stand up with DesMoinesArts. We know you are enthusiastic about what this project means for you personally, our creative community, and our #1 City.

Can we count on you to attend tonight’s meeting at 6:00 PM?
Planning & Zoning Commission, City of Des Moines
6:00 PM, Thursday, November 19, 2015
City Hall, 400 Robert Ray Drive, 2nd Floor, Des Moines, IA

DesMoinesArts’ acquisition of 900 Keo Way came with extra property down the street. It has been our intention to sell it in order to meet fundraising goals. It is an exciting alternative approach, helping offset our reliance on financial contributions.

Sale of this property is a significant portion of our budget and would allow us to begin the first phase of our construction.

It’s our understanding that this sale is meeting resistance because the buyer is QuikTrip. Their convenience store, to be located at 1200 Keo Way, would be their new prototype, offering an impressive array of affordable grocery items in an area of downtown where inexpensive healthier food options are limited. It will also provide DesMoinesArts tenants the easiest access to food and gas 24/7.

This decision effects many of you directly.

Here’s what we’re asking:
Come to the meeting 6:00 PM - City Hall Council Chambers located 400 Robert Ray Drive, 2nd Floor, Des Moines, IA.
Stand up to voice your support in a positive manner, explaining how DesMoinesArts will influence your artistic path.
Support QuikTrip’s presence as an asset to artists of DesMoinesArts and the neighborhood.
We look forward to joining you in securing the future of DesMoinesArts. Thank you!

Siobhan Spain
Director, DesMoinesArts

Justin Mandelbaum
President, DesMoinesArts

Rachel Buse