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New Delhi-based artist Subodh Gupta repurposes everyday materials, turning them into iconic symbols and creating awesome sculptures like this skull made of stainless steel containers and kitchen utensils. Entitled Very Hungry God, the striking 8 foot tall sculpture weighs nearly a ton. It was made in 2006 for the Nuit Blanche annual all-night art festival in Paris.

Here’s how Subodh Gupta described his piece:

“My work was conceived to be shown in a church in Barbes on the outskirts of Paris which is largely inhabited by an immigrant population. I made the work in response to the stories I read in the news about how soup kitchens in Paris were serving food with pork so that Muslims would not eat it. It was a strange and twisted form of charity that did not continue for long but raised conflicting ideas of giving and the way we have become now.

Outside the church I served vegetarian daal soup as a form of “prasad” (in India when you go to a temple or a guduwara you are offered food with the blessing). I liked the mix of the Catholic church and my intervention using a symbol that many artists have used before – the skull – and its many connotations.”

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