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Left: Alex Braidwood, Right: Jordan Weber (American, born 1984) In progress, 2016, Marble facade constructed by undocumented immigrants (Image courtesy of the artist)

I O W A  A R T I S T S  2 0 1 6

Iowa Artists 2016 goes outside the museum into unexpected places in our community.

Throughout May, Alex Braidwood will install devices of his own invention to collect ambient sound in various urban locations. The project, titled Listen Right Here, makes us aware of the noise that surrounds us, encouraging us to notice a sensory experience often ignored. The collected data will be turned into a composition, debuting in the lower Meier galleries on June 23rd.

On that same evening, Jordan Weber will premiere installations and performance in the Meier sunken courtyard and galleries. This project, which presents themes of labor, current economic and social issues, and the place of art in our lives, also includes an off-site abandoned house (visible from Keo Way, on the north edge of downtown Des Moines) modified by the artist in a manner inspired by the architecture of the Art Center. Weber’s exhibition, called Body Snatchers, ties divergent locations together in surprising ways, both personal and political.

The Iowa Artists 2016 Opening Celebration is being hosted in conjunction with Art Week Des Moines. Find out about more entirely unexpected events and share your own Art Week experiences using the hashtag #ArtWeekDSM

A R T  W E E K :  P A R T  TWO


T H U R S D A Y :

4 PM - Guarded Photo Shoot Moxie

4:30 PM - The DSM Girl Gang Takeover Marlene’s at Sevastopol Station

5 PM - Heirloom Anthology – Christine Hilbert Leona Ruby

5 PM - Iowa Artists 2016: Opening Celebration Des Moines Art Center

5:30 PM - Bumper Crop Preservation

6 PM - Le Garage Hermetique: Opening Reception Salisbury House and Gardens

6 PM - Our Little City by Catherine Schut Five Monkeys

7 PM - 1000 Words or More Moberg Gallery

7 PM - Artists-in-Residence Open Studio Iowa Lakeside Laboratory


O V E R  T H E W E E K E N D : **check for times and details**

Des Moines Arts Festival Downtown

Interrobang Film Festival Downtown

Skywalk PopUp [exhibits x art terrarium] Kaleidoscope at The Hub

ArtFest Midwest Fairgrounds 

Urban Visionaries Art Show Viaduct Gallery

Three Shots in the Back of the Head - Photography by Kristian Day  Tacopocalypse


F R I D A Y  O N L Y :

11 AM - Artist Demo by John Evans Artisan Gallery

12 PM - Dart Bus Unveiling by Artist: Larassa Kabel Des Moines Arts Festival

4:30 PM - Iowa Artist’s on Display Dickinson Law

6 PM -  “Time Out of Mind” art exhibit by artist Rob Reeves Lord Midas

Bankers Trust Iowa Artists Collection Ruan Center *Last Day*


S A T U R D A Y  O N L Y:

2 PM - Drop-in Tour Des Moines Art Center

2 PM - Too Broke For The Arts Festival Fest Vaudeville Mews




Poster by Meanz Chan

Don’t miss the Skywalk PopUp Art Show in the Kaleidoscope Mall June 24 & 25! Explore eight retail spaces filled with a wide variety of art from 28 local artists, including illustrations, photography, paintings, textile art, sculptures, installations, live performance, screen printing, music, Makerspace by Flipped Art and a pop up art and plant shop! This will be an experience you don’t want to miss!

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