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My sympathies to you artists, with your blood sicknesses and mystery fevers. The weight of the work you have done and may do becomes immense at times doesn’t it? To push the envelope, develop, nurture, and grow a talent in this land of fractured reality is paramount.

Go to your caves and emerge with gold.

Yes our reality is fractured, we live in a time where virtual reality is easily replacing genuine tactile experience. The amount of data that we mainline daily can easily drown out the small whispers within. Most creatives are observant and commenting on this reality, it is part of their sensitive nature to notice.

How do we find ourselves each day amidst the swirling myriad of others’ voices and place ourselves contented at the table. Many people I know suffer the flaws of this market. Des Moines is a cultural baby in many ways, bright and blue with fresh scrubbed skin. The collector base in this town is hungry for a local market to feed their need to surround themselves with beauty. The creative core in this city is burgeoning and red hot for people to notice.

Lets take the time to listen. And to speak, parleying ideas and savoring the spirits of the creatives in their caves. We have a great responsibility to each other to continue a dialogue about creative endeavor. To nurture a creative core in Des Moines is vital to the heartbeat of this city.

Dig a cave, make it deep.


Rachel Busethaddeus