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"Etchasketchathon" Gallery Guide


“A little elephant works earnestly on a canvas we cannot see.” From the gallery guide.

In prepping to give a tour at the Des Moines Art Center, I read up on the current print exhibition, “Etchasketchathon”. From the gallery guide:

Dinos and Jake Chapman—brothers who work as an artistic duo—explore human depravity, cruelty, and art’s power to provoke by making sculptures, installations, and prints in which cuteness, macabre imagery, and in-your-face outright tastelessness exist side by side.

The etchings in “Etchasketchathon” are simultaneously horrifying and cute. A vulture perched on a tree branch surveys a pile of sweet children’s heads (11); in another, a rabbit dressed in an apron holds the decapitated head of a small deer while a turtle looks on (26). The Chapmans do not use images of animals, children, and child’s play because children are adorable but because they re-enact violence in their play and because fairy tales and nightmares deal with life’s terrors.

Read the whole thing here. Also watch this video of Jake and Dionos Champman’s “Fucking Hell”. 

“Etchasketchathon” is on view for free at the Des Moines Art Center from now until May 18, 2014. Recommended.

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