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Flick” Your Pic: Premiere of a Des Moines Filmmaker’s Dream

Flick, Varsity Theater

Premieres July 14, 2012

Director L.K.Hickman hosts film premiere July 14 at Varsity Theatre

Announcement by Alissa

July 13th, 2012

Rumor has it that The Varsity Theater has not hosted a midnight movie since the early days of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, but that is about to change.  On July 14th, following an opening reception around the corner at Mars Café, the screen will once again light up at midnight for the premiere of local filmmaker Lauren Hickman’s latest film, “Flick”.

Produced by Axis Manifest and also through the valiant voluntary efforts of Des Moines natives and businesses, “Flick" is a grass roots “from the heart production”, shot entirely on location in Des Moines.

The narrative revolves around a cigarette lighter, which holds the ability to see inside the minds and hearts of those in possession of it.  Based on an idea passed to Hickman at age 17 by local artist and mentor, Roy Fisher, the film follows a tormented young artist and the characters he encounters and entangles with through a night of transformation and resurrection.  The story developed and materialized over years of travel, countless interactions, and the effort with friends Grant Monohon and Nicole Rae.  After years of writing and rewriting, Hickman created a final screenplay based on resources and settings in Des Moines, tailoring the script to the East Village and to the apartments and convenience stores in which she shot.

 The soundtrack, described by the director as “maddening and wonderful”, also heavily features Des Moines artists.  Local musicians such as Jordan Mayland and his projects Keepers of the Carpet and Thermal Detonators offered up their works. Wreckage of the Modern City covered Sixto Rodriguez’s 1960’s classic “Sugar Man”, and Cleo’s Apartment did a rendition of Portishead’s “Glory Box” for the film.

Hickman says, “I’m very happy with the final result.  Although a low budget piece, it’s beautiful. Truly sparkling with the hearts that made this whole thing manifest.

July 14, 2012, 10 PM

OPENING RECEPTION:  Mars Café, 2318 University Avenue, 10 PM

MIDNIGHT SCREENING:  Varsity Theatre, Running Time 44 minutes

*Film includes adult content such as language and implied substance abuse; viewer discretion advised.