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Hipsteria Continues: Normcore

by Holly Wist on March 31, 2014

There is a lot of online angst about Normcore, a fashion style of the <cough cough> hipster crowd. 

Claims have been made that Normcore is another way rich people are mocking common Americans. That Normcore is a complete withdrawal from fashion. That it’s a style about normalcy and nothingness.



Illustration of Normcore (Source)

A rich American is still an American. If they want to dress like a tacky one, they are entitled. Also the collective loathing of these rich hipsters gets applied to the ENTIRE art crowd, and it pisses me off. And if you haven’t noticed most of the art crowd isn’t rich. Artists work multiple jobs so they can make art that is usually under priced. So if you want to complain about rich hipsters, “lay the fuck off.”

Or help me find my hipster riches.

The “normalcy” of Normcore is American normalcy. It may be cliché American normalcy, but still. Embracing American normalcy does not make a statement of “nothing,” but rather “I can do chic like a lazy American.”

There’s something good about that.

think Macklemore

think Man Repeller

The style incorporates a multitude of complicated variations described by Alison Syrett Cleary as ugly shoe, food court, sporty, nostalgic, mom, and secretly fancy.

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