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Hung Up

by Jennifer Mitchard on April 23, 2014

Hung Up is the new show at Mars Cafe featuring paintings, sketches, and textiles by Heidi Hafner. The painted objects and “tapestries” are executed with great skill and modesty. As the title suggests, all of the works are based on things that hang; drying peppers, an old canvas bag, her work apron, and the woven canvas tapestries. Most of the work has serene colors and a rough finish making the viewer ponder a deeper meaning which Heidi explains in her statement about the work:


Hafner’s “Blue Tapestry Study” 2011, oil pastel on paper (Source: Mitchard)

“I’m drawn by objects hanging on the wall, the ones often overlooked. They discolor and age, get beat up and gather dust. They gain new textures in their oldness and become lost in their environment.

The beauty of imperfection daily surrounds us. With that in mind, my work leans toward roughness, incompleteness, and modesty.


Installation shot. Hafner at Mars Cafe. (Source: Mitchard)

This interest inspires me to paint raw, un-stretched canvas. I rip, mar, and mend the painted cloth, capturing the aged look of the things I study. These are my tapestries. I then recreate them in portraits, highlighting details that may otherwise go unnoticed.

I hope my work brings viewers to stop and notice the details, to appreciate their stories.”

Jennifer Mitchard is an artist working in Des Moines. WEBSITE