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Introducing Chad Michael Cox

Announcement by Rachel

Chad Michael Cox is an award winning author whose work has appeared in numerous publications including: Modern Dickens Project, Sleet Magazine, Splash of Red, and Prick of the Spindle. He is also a photographer, storyteller, and curator proudly associated with, and supporting, local arts and culture organizations in Des Moines, Iowa. His work explores universal languages, focusing on stories we share as a global community, finding beauty within the chaos of our world. To learn more about his work please browse his website at or contact him via email at

Please welcome new contributor Chad Michael Cox! When I met with Chad to talk about the Green Show, he expressed interest in writing about his experiences with local art. In Chad’s reviews, we’ve visited Buffalo Bonker’s new show at Cuatro, toured the Annual Landscape Show at the Olson-Larsen Galleries and celebrated the long career of airbrush master, Shawn Palek. His writing is personal to his interaction with the work and curiously investigates what is being shown. Read Chad’s reviews here. 

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