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Interview with Jim White

Trophies for Trying: arrangements & assemblages by Jim White opens Friday, March 23rd, 6 PM at the Art Terrarium


via jamesearlwhiteart: modern man 

Jim White: lets begin.    

Rachel Buse: I see portals in your work created from the layers of juxtaposed parts and scraps. Do you have rules in your process or reoccurring patterns that guide your choices?

JW: portals.    well, i was writing out notes to myself for two shows.   simple artist statements have always been important    

basically, i feel i manipulate salvaged accidents.   in some way we are all hoarders and the scraps find a home eventually.  

RB: What is the function of holding on to what we hoard?

JW: holding /hoarding.   its money in the bank.    its like a memory game to recontextualize into a more palatable object.  

RB: What influences your approach to using the positive of an image versus its negative remnant? 

JW: influences.   however random.  

kiki smith.  hannah hoch kerry james marshall ralph steadman.    

RB: When do you surprise yourself?

JW: i surprise myself often. my work table is a mess and allows for shuffling and the accidental pairing of imagery or objects.   

RB: Are you instilling order or destroying it? 

JW: i have my own order i guess.   our own vocabulary as artists. not that it’s necessary to reinvent the wheel but dialog. if that disrupts others order.  so be it

RB: Are narratives in the work premeditated or formed intuitively? What archtypes prevail throughout your arrangements and assemblages?

JW: rarely do i have some premeditated idea, sometimes themes are pushed through based on books or magazines i mutilate.  but i like working with less of an idea.  then building up.  

makes it easier to listen to the materials for me.  

RB: What do the materials know better about and why listen to them?

JW: the materials.   they usually stop me in my tracks.  the found objects.   it becomes like energetic chess?    so maybe its as close to premeditation that feels out of my hands but im participating.   

RB: What’s your preferred process of adhesion?

JW: now adhesion.   its usually gel medium or glue sticks for the collages.   hot glue and sewing with kite string or upholstery thread with the stuffed animals.      

RB: What are the best ways for people to find and connect with you?

JW: best way to see what i do is instagram right now. @jamesearlwhiteart

last thing id add. i dont always know whats coming. just being ready for it when it hits. which helps to be working on collage and assemblage simultaneously so im not waiting around

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