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Jello Take-home Discoveries

Actual Size Los Angeles, John P. Hogan, Jake Reber, Urban Lights Redux, Ramond Attica, Christy Roberts, Johnnie JungleGuts, Emile Boerenjongen, John Buttle, Eric Lindley, Guru Rugu, Darker Thän Yésterday, Amanda Montei, Diana-Sofia Estrada + Steve Strickland, David Keter, Betty LaDieu, Jon Rutzmoser, Jonathan Gomez


Exterior of Actual Size (photo: Chloë Flores)

Response from Holly Wist

This Friday I had the great pleasure of accompanying my friends Rachel Buse and Chloë Flores to GROUP SHOW.  It was pretty packed even for an exhibition in LA’s gallery, Actual Size. 

GROUP SHOW is a monster featuring the work of 19+ artists and 300+ volunteers.

While waiting for our turn to enter the gallery, we spent our time chatting with each other and the paramedics. Chloë informed us about the details of her personal participation in John Buttle’s 69 minute sexy-porn with Stephen Van Dyck.

Lucky for us to have the curator Chloë on hand!


Jello detail (photo: Holly Wist)

After donning my tyvek jumpsuit and entering the gallery, I was overpowered by the intense smell of fermenting cherry jello.  Having been installed in January, the remainder of the jello installation was a bit worse for wear. Chloë informed us that some fluids from the jello sculpture may have permanently damaged the floors of Actual Size.  “Art is sacrifice,” she muttered. 

Darker Thän Yésterday really livened up the show when they began their first set in their signature meta-metal style. “They are creators of some of the most unimaginable phenomena!” raved Hans Breder.

Another highlight of the exhibition was a live broadcast by Christy Roberts. Her touching, atmospheric opera blended with the rush of wind across her one-man glider. She has set a high standard for sound art in the Santa Monica airspace.


As I pause to finish my take-home Tupperware of cherry jello, I’ll leave you to digest this inspirational artist’s statement by Jonathan Gomez:

Hand the serge.

Feel the serge of light liquid pressing on the palms of your hands. An ultracolor water filled pool. Step away from a transparent piña colada. Sun of your mind, reflections of your beach, alleys of your mind, swim at a beach. Splash renaissance for sight and sound. Que vas a intentar hacer?

Suprise m|.

In the end, Rachel remarked about the vast amount of preparation and doubt surrounding Group Show and thought “the exhibition went the distance” after experiencing it it reverse.

For more information about GROUP SHOW see