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weekly art forecasts from Central Iowa

Who’s exhibiting and opportunities for artists

Mad Scientist Art Party, Zine Sale, Portrait Studio

N E W S :


Minneapolis’s Maxwell Singletary selling zines this weekend at the Roach Social Zinefest.

F R I D A Y August 22:

5 PM - Olson Larsen: Gabriel Lueders, Anna Lambrini Moisiadis and Brent Holland 

7 PM - Mad Scientist Art Party 

Art exhibition meets science fair from the folks at the Grin City Collective.

S A T U R D A Y August 23:

2 PM - Roach Social Zine Sale

Artists from Minnesota and all over Iowa will be showcasing their independently published, handmade books in the Viaduct Gallery at the Des Moines Social Club.

Minneapolis:  Maxwell Singletary,  Robert Earl Sutter III 

Council Bluffs: Crucial Changes Printing Press

Muscatine: Levi Biel

Victor: Obsolete! Press

Grinnell: Molly Rideout, Emily Mesev

Ames: Kristin RoachJoseph Soukup

Des Moines: Deb Anders-Bond,  Junior Art Team, Holly Wist, Jon PearsonRobert StephensTiffany Sinnott, Adam Krause, Kurt Walker, Haute Dames Des MoinesNick LaPoleCat Rocketship & Dani Ausen

S U N D A Y August 24:

1 PM - Portrait Studio - Viaduct Gallery

Pictures collecting here: Portrait Studio Workshop

D E A D L I N E S:

Art on the Campus West Des Moines IA DEADLINE August 29th

Ames is 150 Ames IA DEADLINE October 31st

Wild Rose Film Festival Des Moines IA DEADLINE September 1

Iowa Arts Council DEADLINE November 3


This Saturday at the Roach Social Zine Sale, meet Joseph Soukup and pick up his latest “Scratchings from a Coffin Case”. Over twenty artists will be exhibiting from 2-5 PM. 

Rachel Buse