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Nov 6 - 9


Jennifer Drinkwater’s Scapes opening at the Gallery in the Round in Ames Friday, Nov 7, 5PM.

N E W S :

E V E N T S :

November 6, Thursday

6:30 Silver & Suede Gallery Talk: Teri Toye, Des Moines Art Center

November 7, Friday:

5 PM Art 316 Open House

5 PM Jennifer Drinkwater’s Scapes, Gallery in the Round

5 PM Landscapes and Elevators, Frame Works

7 PM everyday abstraction, Drake University’s Anderson Gallery

November 8, Saturday:

2 PM Galaxies of Art

November 9, Sunday:

1 PM Figure Drawing, Des Moines Social Club

1 PM Greater Des Moines Exhibited 21, Heritage Gallery

D E A D L I N E S :

Grin City Collective Grinnell, IA Spring Residency DEADLINE November 30, 2014 

ReBirth Ames IA DEADLINE December 1

Call for Exhibitions @ PS1 Iowa City IA DEADLINE December 1, 2014

Café Baratta State Historical Museum of Iowa, Des Moines IA DEADLINE December 31, 2015

Wheatsfield Co-op Community Art Space Ames IA Accepting Submissions Now

imageTeri Toye, a Des Moines native, was a fashion model and designer’s muse in the 1980s international fashion world. Her celebrity and presence in both the New York art and fashion scenes led to friendships with Halston and Warhol. Toye transitioned from the life of the “it” girl when she moved back to Iowa in 1987. Speaking Thur Nov 6 at the Des Moines Art Center with Gilbert Vicario, 6:30PM.

Rachel Buse