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Get to know three of the eight artists participating in the new Artist Studio Visits.


Source: Karla Conrad

Amy Putney Koenig featured on Gestalt Creatives

“Amy Putney Koenig’s studio is like a cabinet of curiosities – the old wunderkammer—filled with relics and mementos of lives lived as well as the ethereal and palpable feelings of loss, mourning, and transition.” Read More

- Benjamin Gardner


Source: Paige Peterson-Connolly

Molly Spain featured on Lighting the Invisible

“I love to work with paper. I will tear paper for hours until I stop thinking about what I am doing and it just happens. Then I take a step back and sift through the shapes and see which ones speak to me.” Read More

-Molly Spain


Firat Erdim featured by Jami Milne

It was easy to become entranced in Firat’s language describing the historical context of the kite, something so simple and reminiscent of childhood. A once ceremonial act with roots in Southeast Asia that connects the practice of flying a kite with the ritualistic blessing of the air and land during farming cycles.

“The way that kites have come to the west, they’ve become recreational. That’s good, but we can’t create a religion out of it. How can one create another layer of meaning to it? These things are important in how we think about nature, landscape, environment, life. We can’t recreate the gods, but we can find ways to engage with them.” -Firat Erdim

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