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Rided Art // A Concert Preview

Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk @ Vaudeville Mews

Septmber 3 // 8 PM // $5


Distant Trains


Skyscraper & DJ DJ TANNER


Cover for Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk’s newest album Think Tone. (Source)

Preview by guest contributor Trey Reis

It’s a terrible idea to start your own local music column advertising a show that you are playing, but really, I couldn’t possibly have any hype left in me to promote myself after giving Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk the props they deserve.

I first saw this band at the little basement venue in Boone called The Elephungeon and never really managed to get over them since. Their newest album “Think Tone” on Brooklyn’s Fire Talk label is a towering 6-track masterpiece of chugging distortion, chapel-sized acoustic strums, and vocal harmonies that mix and separate as if it were an early Beach Boys album recorded entirely in the gloom of a damp basement practice space. It’s the kind of music performance people talk up as being “religious experiences,” only this one is taking place no further away than the Vaudeville Mews in Downtown Des Moines.

Des Moines noise center point, Distant Trains, and synth scientist, Juxwl will open the show beside myself & DJ DJ TANNER performing our meditative, tape loop collaboration.

The Vaudeville Mews has three kinds of shows: the ones you go to, the ones you don’t go to, and the ones you think sound interesting and you remain undecided on whether to go until an hour after the show has already started. Don’t miss this one, you on-the-fencers.

Check out Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk here.

For Distant Trains click.

And to hear Juxwl tap.

For Skyscraper push.

and for DJ DJ TANNER knuckle dive.

Trey Reis is a local musician and writer. Trey’s approach to creativity is embodied by this quote by the Avant Garde sound architect John Cage.

“We are, in fact, technically equipped to transform our contemporary awareness of nature’s manner of operation into art.”