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Week of September 2

S T R A N G E R S  A N D  R E L A T I O N S

Laurel Nakadate’s new exhibit, Strangers and Relations, opens at the Des Moines Art Center on Saturday, September 5.  Member Preview is Friday, September 4.

Image:  Laurel Nakadate; Tyler, Texas #1, 2013; Courtesy of the artist and Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, New York

E V E N T S :

THUR, SEP 3, 7 PM - Closing Reception, The Lift

FRI, SEP 4, 6 PM - Toon’d In: Robots!, The Fremont

FRI, SEP 4, 6 PM - Deb Anders-Bond Artist Reception, Mars Cafe

SAT, SEP 5, 6 PM - Unicorn Paint Party, Palek Studios

WED, SEP 9, 7 PM - Drink and Draw:  Doctor Who, Capes Kafe

D E A D L I N E S :

Totally Sick Skateboard Deck Show - Call for Artists due September 2



Moving forward, together, making and shakin

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“A graf event like Color Codes isn’t a gallery exhibit with a static display of art. People are painting large scale on walls, trucks and shipping containers outdoors — with their creations happening in real time. You get to experience everything coming alive.” - ‘PHATE (Source)

Hello Friends, 

Gloom Balloon has the big painting from 80/35 set for auction. Proceeds will go to the Gay Men’s Choir. “Drive” is the next call for art at the Viaduct Gallery. Deadline is extended to July 18th.  Color Codes is this weekend. As Phate is describing this event as “a historical exhibition of creation”. Thirty artists are coming down to participate. Also, the Roach Social Zinefest is happening August 23rd. REGISTER HERE for the workshops with Rob Stephens and Deb Ander-Bond. Also, reserve a table for selling off your zines.

This weekend is full of potential encounters with art. I would like to encourage you to use the Art Beacon Calendar as your guide. You can tell the calendar to be apart of your smartphone calendar (email us if you are not sure how). This weekend is looking like this:


T H U R S D A Y July 10:

5 PM -Grin City Emerging Artist Exhibition

7 PM - Second Thursday Open Mic, Ritual Cafe

F R I D A Y July 11:

5 PM - Color Codes

5 PM - CSA DSM Pick Up Party, Badowers

5 PM - 4 Solos, Moberg Gallery

6 PM - Digital Impressions, Tiberiu Chelcea 

7 PM - Toon’d In: Grayskull Powered

S A T U R D A Y July 12:

9 AM - Art2Art Bike Ride

1 PM - Color Codes

2 PM - Whimsy, ICON in Farfield IA

7 PM - Operation France, Transient Gallery

7 PM - The Laugh Child Poetry

D E A D L I N E S :

Happy artting!


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Deb Anders-Bond, Zanzibars

March 2013


“Trees” by Deb Anders-Bond (image courtesy of the artist)

Review by Jon

Deb Anders-Bond is a collage maestro. From drawers and drawers of magazine snips, carefully chosen and archived, this wizard of the art of collage spins stories. For this showing at Zanzibars, the artist chose to hang exclusively digital collage work. Deb makes collages with narrative based imagery which are often infused with personal memories and inside jokes. Asking the artist about any one of the pieces yields a patient, and smiling account of the tales behind the work, and how the stories and careful selection of images were merged.


“Birds” by Deb Anders-Bond (image courtesy of the artist)

In “Birds” the artist is hearkening back to a childhood of wonder, color, and mystery. Many of the works evoke those feelings of childhood wonderment and play. The love of the matriarchs in the artist’s life are displayed in this piece, where a culture of reading and investigation of the natural world melded into a wonderful soup.


“Proved by the Highest Scientific Authority!” by Deborah Des Moines (image courtesy of the artist)

The image above has an almost fauvist sensibility in it’s color melange. The primary colors are all represented in strength and tertiary colors bind the piece together. One added bonus of this piece is in how it is presented and hung with brass holes in each corner and mounted on double-thick foam core, almost posing as a tongue-in-cheek nod to the circus posters of yesterday. An audacious claim in grammatically incorrect language travels around the border; the text serving to frame the work and supplying context for the spectacle taking place.


“In the grand spectacle of Charlemagne!” by Deb Anders-Bond(image courtesy of the artist)

The picture above seems to dwell in the land of twilight. We see the “lifer,” the entertainer, dwelling in the right handed portion of the composition. The face is skeletal, eyes hollowed; “The circus life aint easy,” could be tattooed across his chest. The totemic presence to the left of the composition relays a sense of separation between the performer and stage life which may allude to the consumptive nature of performance; the audience always demanding more of the spectacle and the spectacular.

I am struck by the fluidity of Deb’s collage work achieved by the computer. The digital realm allows for much freedom making the re-sizing of imagery and playing with text, color, and opacity much easier. The result yields a much more “painterly” use of space, where blending can supplant the hard edges and 100% opacity of traditional collage methods. I think it works for this artist in ways that the old exacto and glue stick can’t.

This show will be on display at Zanzibar’s coffee shop on Ingersoll Ave. and 28th through April 7th.