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Week of October 21

OFF THE SHELF, Buzz Spector  (source)

B U Z Z  S P E C T O R

The opening reception for Buzz Spector’s A Library for Babel is Friday, Oct. 21, at Anderson Gallery. 

Since the mid-1980s, Buzz Spector has been making art by stacking thousands of books in configurations that are usually architectonic and always enthralling. Since books are made to be read, the loyalties of the art viewer and book reader are divided, since responsible viewers do not touch the art while readers must do so in order that the book fulfills its purpose. 

Spector’s Anderson Gallery installation, A Library for Babel, inclines more toward browsing than building, but like the Biblical tower it is named after, this work confronts the infrastructural paradox of the differences between private and public language, between thought and text, and between the surface of a structure and the depth of its meaning.


F R I D A Y :

5 PM - Artist-in-Residence: Jami Milne Moxie

5 PM - Buzz Spector:  Library for Babel The Anderson Gallery


S A T U R D A Y :

1 PM - Steamroller Printing 215 E 3rd St

3 PM - Meet the Artist Series Deborah

6 PM - Annual Halloween Horror Show Palek Studio & Gallery


T H U R S D A Y :

5 PM - Chapter 47: Frank Hansen Moberg on Walnut

O P P O R T U N I T I E S :

Pitch In! Call for Entry Iowa City Deadline Oct 28th

Iowa Arts Council Project Grant DEADLINE November 1

PS1 Spring Call for Proposals Iowa City Deadline Nov 13th


Bemis: Art, Empathy, and Ethos : Thematic Residency DEADLINE December 1

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