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Sex and violence, loud and ironic

By Jim Duncan, ART PIMP

Artist of the Year

Larassa Kabel transcended Des Moines and her own work this year. She is best known for uber-realistic drawings and paintings — particularly of horses hit by 18-wheelers — and for being chosen to do a Christmas card for the Obama White House. In the last year, she exhibited a solo show at Stag Park in Chicago, won an Iowa Arts Council Fellowship, a David Hurd Innovator of the Arts Award and a Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation commission for provocative public transit art. Her art has been included in the Italian Domus Magazine’s Mille issue, on the cover of the “Dear Animal” poetry book, as well in Juxtapoz magazine. She was also interviewed in the “Juxtapoz –Wild” book. Read More.

Allusions to the horror | Cityview

“Field, Road, Cloud: Art and Africa,” at the Des Moines Art Center through April 19, takes its title from the works of Alfredo Jaar, an artist from Chile, one of the whitest nations on earth. That alone challenges politically correct academic criticism that rejects showings of African art in contemporary museums. DMAC director Jeff Fleming begins his introduction to the exhibition’s excellent catalogue with an acknowledgment that “collecting, interpreting and exhibiting works from a culture that a Western curator cannot completely comprehend or grasp fosters concerns about misinterpretation and colonization.” Curator Gilbert Vicario noted that the museum will be subjected to considerable criticism from the politically correct wing of the art world for daring to present a mix of traditional African artifacts and contemporary art from the likes of Jaar.

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