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Week of October 7

ALL MADE UP AND NO PLACE TO GO by Jami Milne (source)

J A M I  M I L N E

First Friday October is a huge event - one of the greatest in Art Beacon’s history.  Among the many great shows listed below is the art of Jami Milne, opening at Hill Vintage & Knits.  Milne spent 100 consecutive days of her spring and summer creating 100 collages in 100 days. 


T H U R S D A Y :

5 PM - Sculpture by Annick Ibsen: JAZZ Ankeny

5 PM - Naturally Iowa | Photographer Gary Hoard Ankeny

6 PM - 1,000 Words or More Moberg

6 PM - Momentum: Works of Growth and Recovery Hoyt Sherman


F R I D A Y :

4:30 PM - Female Gaze Art Show Gravitate

5 PM - Collective Dysfunction [Gallery Walk!] Iowa City

5 PM - Community Art Event | KimB Kreatures Five Monkeys

5 PM - Jami Milne Hill Vintage & Knits

5 PM - Common Threads Wrapping Event Ames

6 PM - Edgard Camacho: Opposites, Integrated aesthetic contradictions Mars Cafe

6 PM - Fatal Flora: Photographs by Molly Wood Viaduct Gallery

6 PM - Grim Interfaces: The Art of D. Ryan Allen Barnes & Noble

6 PM - New Work: Notes, Documents & Postcards Never Sent  Ankeny

6:30 PM - Gallery Night with Rick Gray Palek Studio

7 PM - New Art Exhibit The Lift


S A T U R D A Y :

10 AM - Ames Area Studio Tour Ames


W E D N E S D A Y :

6 PM -  Bridgework | Art Exhibit Opening Salisbury House

O P P O R T U N I T I E S :

Rural Creative Placemaking Summit Oct 12-14 Register Now

Iowa Arts Council Project Grant DEADLINE November 1


Bemis: Art, Empathy, and Ethos : Thematic Residency DEADLINE December 1

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The Moberg Four Solos Show is:


💥 for the bold, energetic wood prints of Aaron Wilson and Tim Dooley
💀 for the melancholy portraiture of Gary Kelley
🌌 for the vast expanses of Derrick Breidenthal’s landscapes
🔋 for the funky, chunky found object collages of TJ Moberg
and 🙌🏻 for my overall emoji opinion of the show.

Make Their Gold Teeth Ache

by Alissa Sheldon

        On Friday, July 10, Moberg Gallery premieres “Make Their Gold Teeth Ache”, a gathering of works by artists seeking to provide illumination on racial identity, awareness, and inequality.  

        The collection, which includes works by artists from Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other U.S. cities, is curated by Des Moines native and globally acclaimed artist, Jordan Weber.  Weber, whose most recent installations, “American Dreamers” and “American Dreamers Phase 2” appeared in New York and Los Angeles respectively, explains the concept of the show:

   When whites develop the ability to see their racial positions from the perspectives of people of color, then this multilateral double consciousness can enable a form of critical interracial dialogue within the walls of art spaces. My goal with this exhibition is to assert a provocative array of work to stimulate our thinking on this important contemporary topic with deep historical roots.

        “Make Their Gold Teeth Ache” includes works from artists John Sims, Dread Scott, Rico Gatson, Mitchell Squire, Loren Holland, Eliza Myrie, Kohshin Finley, and Delfin Finley.  The show runs from July 10 through August 22 at Moberg Gallery in Des Moines.  Opening Reception is Friday, July 10.

Photo:  Dread Scott, ‘On the Impossibility of Freedom in a Country Founded on Slavery and Genocide, performance still 2,’ 2014. Photograph: Mark Von Holden Photography.