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Hey friends,

One of my projects, Community Supported Art, is wrapping up this week. We still have shares available, and these are fantastic artists who are making really stellar pieces for us.  They are:

John Bosley, screenprinter 

Amanda Barr, ceramist

Lucas Moser, photographer

They’re from Des Moines and Ames and are so super talented.

Shares are on sale through Thursday night. If you’d like a share, snag yours here. They’ll be ready for you in September. 

I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Thanks.

Paste Apparel: A contest oriented T-shirt company.

Call for Entry from Paste Apparel

Deadline: ongoing

Command+P is a design contest open to artists, designers and anyone with an idea for a t-shirt. Once submitted, your shirt design will be added to the next round of voting. Get the most likes on the Paste Facebook Fan page and win! Paste Apparel will print and sell your design online and in the East Village at Thee EYE. Winner gets fifty bucks and 10% of the total sales from your shirt. Details.

Today is the final day to vote for the first ever Command+P winner. VOTE NOW! Make sure a good shirt wins every time by voting for your favorite. Then submit your design for the next contest. 

Stomach Man by Rachel


The Fly Trap by Jon

Current winning design.

Paste Apparel is the brainchild of Nick Ciarimboli and Ian Miller, owner of Thee EYE. These life long locals met building sets for a feature film during Des Moines’s Hollywood phase in late 2011. When Ian inherited some screen printing equipment from an old colleague, the two decided to collaborate on a contest oriented t-shirt company. 

“The concept for the T-Shirt Design Contests was to create and cultivate a creative community here in Des Moines. We wanted to provide an outlet for artists, designers, and really anyone who wants to be creative, a way to do so and get it out to the public. 

Our original thought was to just have the Command P Contest (which in computer terms, Command P means PRINT) and allow anyone to create anything they want, then have the public decide if they want it printed. By making it a t-shirt contest the designers don’t have to do anything other than sit down at their computers and spend some time creating. There is no material cost for them and no need to find a gallery to display their work. We provide the materials and a way to display their work.”

-Nick Ciarimboli

Additional contests through Paste Apparel can be found on their website