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The Cellar of La Poste:

Jody Valentine, featured artist, Feb. 14 through March 31, Gallery Night–March 3rd, 4:30-8:30, Handlebar Happy Hour with music by Matt Woods

The Ladies of La Poste would like to introduce Jody Valentine, our featured artist for February/March. Come meet her at our March 3rd Gallery Night during Handlebar Happy Hour. Listed below is her bio and a picture of one of her paintings.  Find us on Fb: La Poste, LLC, and

Jody Valentine  

I have been fascinated with photography almost all my life, having grown up in the Polaroid era when a photos magically appeared before my eyes! I began my art career in the late 90s by making Polaroid emulsion lifts and image transfers, and did that for about 6 years until Polaroid discontinued making the film. A few years later I discovered a photo transfer process that had been created by a digital artist in Colorado, and set out to learn how to do it and how to incorporate it into what I really like to do, which is to transfer and manipulate photos.

My recent work is a mixture of photo transfers with acrylic paint, pencil, marker, collage and other mixed media. I sometimes use my own photographs, but I prefer to use vintage photos, creating a whole new world for the subject to inhabit. These very personal paintings almost always incorporate my own biographical elements and emotions – I am not recreating the life of the person in the photograph, but rather giving a different face to my own experiences.

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