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The iPhone is the new Polaroid camera, accessible and instant

Studio b. Light Impressions,Thee Eye

May 2012

photograph taken by Ian Miller

Review by Jon

May 25 2012

This traveling show “Light Impressions” features work from several national, and international photographers. The images in the show are specifically derived from iPhone based photography. The show eschews, for the most part, the notion that a photograph is an artifact to be considered in its physical form, instead relying on a grouping of Ipads to display the images in a constantly, and quickly, rotating sequence. There is a small representation of prints garnered from the digital photographs on display in the show as well.

In talking with the curator Colleen Duffley we spoke of technology and the preeminence of imagery being generated by hand held devices. Colleen spoke of the iPhone’s role as “the new polaroid camera” and how it allows anyone with access to the device to easily create photographic images. This show brings to the surface many questions about the state of photography, art, technology, and human connection. It highlights, to me, the importance of questioning the tempestuous tide of information, imagery, and ideas that we are consuming daily. When I entered Thee Eye for the opening reception a couple weeks ago, I was enraptured by the constantly cycling iPad wall of images. There were many times where I wished that I could just stop the cycle where it stood to gain a closer look. This is revelatory in its representation of the high speed and sometimes detached digestion of culture that we all encounter daily.

Tonight is the closing reception for Light Impressions at Thee Eye. I would encourage you all to make it out and see this wonderful gallery, have a drink and perceive the spectacle on display. 

The reception is from 8pm-10pm. Event info here.