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Video 'Drawings' to open at CSPS

CEDAR RAPIDS— Iowa City artist Adam Burke has created a video installation of five drawings for an exhibit at CSPS. The show will be installed in the Commons Gallery from Dec. 15 until Feb. 1, 2015.

The project, titled “Drawings,” documents performances on a lakeshore that create a ripple effect. Inspired by conceptual artist Robert Barry who creates invisible artworks, Burke’s drawings are not ephemeral, but energies set in motion.

“Artists make waves,” Burke said, “We create seemingly intangible effects that have a lasting impact on the consciousness of the viewer.”

In the piece, his water drawings eventually expand to cover the entire lake surface, several square miles. The videos were recorded in 2014, use natural sound and no editing.

“My ‘Drawings’ depend on the strange membrane between air and water where patterns overlap and create new shapes. The waves travel across the lake and bounce back. These drawings are actually still being created,” said the artist.

Adam Burke is a media artist and producer with local, national and international broadcast and media credits. Last year, with a collective of artists and activists, he organized and curated “Exuberant Politics,” a multi-site art exhibit and series of performances, lectures, workshops and film screenings in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.

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