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Video of Allison Safford’s Hello Goodbye, cast plaster hands, metal rods, wrire. 2012. 

Response by Cat Rocketship

March 18, 2014

Des Moines’ newest gallery opened with a party last Friday night – it seemed like all of the city came out for the first show at Viaduct Gallery at Des Moines Social Club. 

The show was good. It features a strong mix of local and national artists whose work touched on themes of interaction and the intersections of viewer and artist. Interface includes a number of new media works, including a pirate radio station, a booth in which the viewer overhears a phone conversation, and an image which reacts to live postings on Craigslist personals. 


Work by Rob Stephens (Source: ohnobody)

With the strength of the exhibited work, Elise Goodman and her Viaduct Gallery crew set a high standard of original concepts illustrated with quality workmanship.

The gallery has room for improvement in the areas of wayfinding and event logistics. Some work is separated from the larger body, and is easy to overlook, especially when clumps of happy art fans crowd the room. PA speakers obscured the exhibition titles. Although the space still feels like a firehouse worn a bit thin, I am excited to see how it becomes an exhibition space as it settles into its home, throws more shows, and reacts to its art.   

Interface remains on view at Viaduct Gallery through April 13.

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