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Week of 6/20

Anne Segner, who painted this piece, will be one of more than 80 artists exhibited at Limited Space this Saturday.

Anne Segner, who painted this piece, will be one of more than 80 artists exhibited at Limited Space this Saturday.

Welcome to Art Week!

The best week of the year is here! For the next week, Des Moines will be hopping with a variety of events meant to celebrate local artists and the things they create. Kick-off Art Week right this Saturday night at the Opening Ceremony, hosted by Limited Space. Limited Space gives artists a 25-square-foot to create whatever message they want. It’s a daunting responsibility for even the most talented among us. To balance message with form, while driving the sentiment home to the viewer, borders on sorcery. To do it in less than 25 square feet is a master craft. On Friday, the most talented poets in the city will design an experience for you to kick off your Art Week experience.

The event can be viewed on the Art Week Sched, or Facebook. The overall Art Week Sched can be accessed online here, or through the App Store for iPhone and Android.


11:30 AM Olivia Gude: Transforming Communities Through Public Art State Historical Building

4 PM Roosevelt Art Party Five Monkeys Inc

5 PM Opening Reception | In Bloom curated by Jason Woodside Mobery Gallery

5 PM Art Week Opening Barnum Factory

5:30 PM After Hours: Art Week Edition Art Terrarium

6 PM Artist Lecture + Public Reception: Noah Doely Des Moines Art Center

6 PM Mini Golf Des Moines Social Club

6 PM Creative Chaos III Curate


9 AM Mini Golf Des Moines Social Club

11 AM Gather Midwest Vintage Collective Preservation

1 PM Acrylic Collage Class Artisan Gallery 218

3 PM Roy-G-Biv Five Monkeys Inc

4:30 PM The Burial - Des Moines, IA Premiere State Historical Museum

5 PM Heather Whittlesey Raygun Installation and Pottery Sale RAYGUN

5 PM Prelude Scenic Route Bakery

6:30 PM Art Week Opening Ceremony Limited Space

But that’s not all! There are just too many amazing events for us to feature this week, so we’ve collected them all on Sched for your perusal. Check it out!


Art Beacon Artist in Digital Residence: Sara Neppl


**new and last chance

Go Elsewhere 2020! 💌 Call for Applications 💌 Deadline July 8

Sculpting Our Community: Call for Artists Deadline August 1


Additional Opportunities Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs

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