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Week of 3/23


via lightsoundslike: Loving spending time with the presence of this installation by Bea Drysdale at @p_s_won

O U R  B R O T H E R S

Bea Drysdale is a sculptor who works intuitively, primarily with paper and fabric. She aims not to force her materials into place but to gently coax them into shape aided by minimal gluing and stitching.  The architecture of the space where the work is displayed and the action of gravity affect the final outcome, pushing the pieces further each time. 

Statement from Drysdale:

“I see the L-shaped, moveable gallery walls at PS1 as interesting objects in and of themselves. To draw attention to this I am exhibiting two of them as sculpture. This action returns the rectangular space of the hall back to itself, as it no longer holds a gallery at one end. In thinking of these walls as important objects, I tipped over into anthropomorphizing. These walls have been our brothers, heavy men that we have pushed around in teams, put our shoulders against, and roped into place. Freed from their roles as protectors and barriers, they suddenly pop into view. This installation is influenced as well by the book arts MFA program at the University of Iowa, the book artists I have met, and the books I have made as a result. As well as being like the emotional life of the wall, the paper in each work is like the pages of a book. I chose the colors for these pieces from the floor, to blur the figure/ground relationship between the floor and the sculpture, just as the figure/ground relationship between the walls and the paper in each piece is blurred by the color matching.”

Closing reception at Public Space One, Friday, Feb 23rd, 6-8p Event Info.

T H U R S D A Y :

5 PM Gallery Night + Artist Panel Octagon Center for the Arts

6 PM Luminosity: Art Ciccotti & Flo Hayes Design on Main

F R I D A Y :

5 PM Senior Show Exhibition: Unspoken Narrative Olson Larsen Galleries

6 PM Bea Drysdale, Two Brothers, Closing Reception Public Space One

6 PM The Meadows | Lindley Warren BFA Exhibition University of Iowa

S A T U R D A Y : 

7 PM Have At It / Salon #9 Yellow Door Gallery **$5, limited space**

Featuring visual art and zines by Rob Stephens, music by The Future Babies, words by Steve Rose, and cakes by Liz Proctor.

S U N D A Y :

2 PM DOOR to DOOR Reading No. 3 - The House of Yes Yellow Door Gallery

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**CALL to Artists - City Sounds 2018 Deadline February 28**

**Call for Artists: Public Art at the Drake Community Library Deadline February 28**

**2018 Art on the Prairie Deadline Deadline March 1**

Call to Artists - 2018 Ring Out for Art Sculpture Contest Jefferson Matters March 12th

Iowa Artist Fellowship, Round 1 Deadline March 15

Iowa Women’s Art Exhibition Deadline April 1

Arts Equipment Grant Deadline Deadline April 2

5th Annual Art Harvest Tour, 2018 Deadline April 2

Iowa Arts Council Project Grants Deadline May 1

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