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Week of 8/17


The young artists affectionately call their work space, “Mural HQ,” or mural headquarters. (source)


via Iowa City Downtown District: Sayuri Sasaki Hermann worked with twelve young artists in creating the mural “Coexist” now living on a wall in downtown Iowa City. Sayuri began laying the groundwork for this project back in April when she met with groups of young people at United Action for Youth to collect input and inspiration about the visual content of the mural. 

Youth were given the opportunity to answer questions such as “How do we learn to live together in harmony? How do we relate to each other? How can we keep our vibrant, individual colors, patterns and textures, and still thrive, flourish and compliment each other?” Following a series of writing, drawing, and interactive exercises with the young artists, Sayuri arrived at an overarching theme for the mural: co-existence.

“Through numerous prompts and activities, we decided that a community consists of many ecosystems working together as a whole on many different levels,” said Sayuri. The mural’s design will reflect the way that different parts of the community can live in harmony with one another.

The site of the mural is 220 E. Washington Street. A public reception will be held at the site Thursday, August 16th from 4-6pm. Facebook Event



4 PM Cathedrals of the Plains: A Photo Series of Midwest Grain Elevators Ames
4 PM “Coexist” Mural Project Reception Iowa City
5 PM Joanne Alberda & Artisans Roadtrip Octagon Center for the Arts
5:30 PM Quilts by Peggy Leonardo Polk County Heritage Gallery
6 PM Designer Drink Up Peace Tree Brewery Peace Tree
7 PM 48HFP Best of Des Moines Screening and Awards 2018 The Fleur Cinema & Cafe

6 PM POST NO BILLS Art Terrarium After Hours
6 PM Caleb Henkelman Mars Cafe
7 PM Scarce Elementz Presents: Gloom’s Oasis Viaduct Gallery

5 PM City Ride on The Avenues Begins at Moberg Gallery


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“Coexist” at 220 E. Washington Street in Iowa City. (source)


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