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Madai Taylor’s “In The American Spirit One Hundred Years of Lynching” 2015, Braided Cotton Cord and Iowa Earth on Roofing Paper (source)

cotton rope and roofing

Fort Dodge, Iowa artist Madai Taylor uses a mix of non-traditional materials to create his paintings. The rich layering of Iowa Earth, cotton rope and roofing paper produces visually complex surfaces and results in a powerful accumulation of symbolism.

Opening at the Waterloo Center for the Arts is Taylor’s “An Elegy to America in Black and White”. It’s a poignant and provocative exhibition of non-subjective works of art with accompanying poetic writings that detail the reason for the pain and suffering of black folk brought by ship and sold into bondage, as it relates to biblical prophecy, against the backdrop of American history, as exacted by the American spirit.

From the Fort Dodge Messenger:

“I believe we are the Hebrews of the Bible, or the Jews of the Bible. I say that because there are several identifying characteristics that point to the Jews of the Bible, and black America fits all of them,” he said. 

The key verse, Taylor said, speaks of the Hebrews being taken back into bondage in ships, just as black Americans were brought to the country in bondage in ships. 

“You’re going to be sold into slavery. You will get married, but he will sleep with your wife,” he said, paraphrasing Deuteronomy. “You’ll build houses, but you can’t stay in them. You’ll plant vineyards, or gardens, but you won’t be able to prosper from them. You will see your children sold into bondage, but you will have no power to do anything about it.”

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Reception & Gallery Talk
September 13, 5:00pm; Gallery Talk at 6:00pm
Refreshments and light hors d'oeuvres provided by Friends of the Art Center. Free and open to the public.

An Elegy to America in Black and White I Madai Taylor
On view September 13, 2018 - January 22, 2019
Forsberg Riverside Galleries, Waterloo Center for the Arts



9 AM Cedar Valley Arts Summit 2.0 Waterloo Center for the Arts 
5 PM Reception & Gallery Talk: Madai Taylor Waterloo Center for the Arts 
5 PM #SPOTTEDINDSM - Ben Schuh Polk County Heritage Gallery
6 PM 10 Lessons Learned After One Year As A Full-Time Artist Drake University
9 PM Pattern and Shadow: work by Stacie Johnson Prairie Lights Cafe, Iowa City


5 PM RJ’s Daily Dick Doodles Rewind The Barnum Factory
6 PM kNOw Spaces by Jordan Weber Minnesota  


9 AM South Des Moines Sculpture Park Art Festival SW 8th and McKinley
10 AM Southwest Iowa Art Tour Multiple communities
5 PM Speakeasy 2 Anomaly Gallery, Ottumwa


NOON Southwest Iowa Art Tour Multiple communities


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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tom Sachs Studio

Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation receives gift in memory of Melva Bucksbaum

Des Moines, IA (Monday, September 10, 2018) — The children of the late Melva Bucksbaum, daughter Mary Bucksbaum Scanlan, and sons Gene Bucksbaum and Glenn Bucksbaum, have gifted Miffy Fountain (2008) by American artist Tom Sachs, to the Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation (Public Art Foundation). The gift of Miffy Fountain is in memory of Melva Bucksbaum.

Tom Sachs enlarged the petite Miffy to a scale of 10-feet-tall. The artist then uses her tears to create a fountain. The millions of Miffy images are slick, simple and insubstantial, but Sachs made his version in an obviously hand-made way and then cast it in bronze, a very expensive material used throughout history for grand statues. 

Miffy Fountain will be located on the north side of Locust Street between 12th and 10th Streets, near the Des Moines Public Library.

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