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Week of December 2


Head Lines, a Sonic and Visual Installation by John Hennessey Baker, Bruce James Bales, and Trey Reis.

H E A D  L I N E S

Head Lines, a Sonic and Visual Installation created by artists John Hennessey Baker, Bruce James Bales, and Trey Reis will be on view this Saturday, December 3, at The Fitch Building Open Studios.  

The artists state:  “Information is a matter of both quality and quantity. As repetition becomes a form of justification, doctrines pervade methods of communication, simultaneously informing and directing public opinion. Truth is blurred in the textures of mass communication, and perceived somewhere between the headlines.”


F R I D A Y :

4:30 PM - Edgard Camacho Art Opening Gravitate

4:30 PM - Senior Art Show Grand View University

5 PM - Collision by Paintpushers Viaduct Gallery

5 PM - Opening Reception - Faculty Art Show Anderson Gallery

6 PM - Cheap Heat 2: Bad Blood The Lift

6 PM - This Too Shall Pass by Tia Rodemeyer Mars Cafe


S A T U R D A Y :

5 PM - Haut an Haut by Nicole Lane Dubuque

6 PM - Body by Svec Moxie

6 PM - Open Studios The Fitch Building


S A T U R D A Y :

12 PM - Brilliant Crafts and Wares Fair Vaudeville Mews

1 PM - Taxes for Artists Fitch Studios


O P P O R T U N I T I E S :

Ankeny Art Center Call for Entries Deadline December 1

Bemis: Art, Empathy, and Ethos : Thematic Residency DEADLINE December 1

Design on Main Call for Artists Deadline December 1

Fort Dodge Grain Silo Mural Project Deadline December 12

Call to Artists: Art Along the Trail Deadline December 30

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