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Week of Decemebr 3rd

‘ O t h e r - O r i e n t e d ’

Lauren Frances Evans’s ‘Other-Oriented’ is closing this week at Graceland University in Lamoni. Evans currently lives and works in Iowa City, IA. Her work addresses the body as a site of irresistible paradox. Prompted by urges and the allure of origins, her work is primarily sculptural, ranging from meticulously layered collage to large mixed media structures. Inverting the boundaries between what is and what is not, the work draws attention to the void of longing.

In 2011, Evans graduated with honors from the College of Charleston with a BA in Studio Art and a BS in Business Administration. She has since participated in residencies at Franconia Sculpture Park, Elsewhere Living Museum, and the Vermont Studio Center and she was recently awarded the International Sculpture Center’s 2014 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award. See more of her work here.

F I R S T  F R I D A Y :

FRI 5 PM - Paintpushers ~ Local Color

FRI 5 PM - Van Holmgren // Hill Vintage

FRI 5 PM - Moberg Winter Group Show

FRI 5 PM - Sarah Grant and Tilly Woodward

FRI 6 PM - Vale of Light

FRI 6 PM -  Whitney Nastanovich’s Art at The Lift

FRI 6:30 PM - Cowles Craft & Art Market


S A T U R D A Y :

SAT 1 PM - Book Signing at the Palek Studio and Gallery


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