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Week of Feb 24


Vossler’s “Sirens” (detail) 2013 graphite on pape 38 x 50 inches  (source)


Megan Vossler is a Minneapolis based artist exploring narrative structure and symbolism in her large scale drawings.  Please join the artist and the GVU Art department in an artist talk of her current work Friday, February 24th at 1:00 p.m. in the gallery, followed by a Q & A session with the artist.


F R I D A Y 

8 AM - Art Hang at Ritual Cafe

1 PM - MEGAN VOSSLER Art Talk Grand View University

5 PM - Art Show Reception: New Works by the Artists at Sticks Sticks


S A T U R D A Y 

6 PM - Satyrus Jeering’s The Nitch! Keokuk

6 PM - Tattoo Artists Other Artwork Fremont



Final day to see Jon Baldwin exhibit at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames 


O P P O R T U N I T I E S : **new or last chance**

Art Ups: Registration Open

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Demystifying Public Art Mar 16

Grant Writing 101: It’s More Than Writing Mar 23

**City Sounds: The Des Moines Public Piano Project Deadline Feb 24**

**PedalArt 2017 - Call to Artists Deadline Feb 25**

The Iowa Lakeside Lab’s Artist-in-Residence Program Deadline Mar 1

Call for Entries: 2017 DuMA Biennial Deadline Mar 5

**Iowa Artist Fellowship Program Deadline Mar 15**

**Area 515 Artist in Residence Program Deadline Mar 31**

**Blanden Art Museum’s 2017 OAK HILL JURIED EXHIBIT Deadline Apr 7**

**IAC Art Project Grant Deadline May 1**

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Trump #croissanthead for #notmypresidentsday demonstration at the Iowa State Capitol Monday.  (source)

A R T  F U N D I N G  B I L L  W A T C H

The following information provided through the Iowa Art Action E-Newsletter. Sign up here.

HF 246 – to eliminate the Iowa Art in State Buildings program

“This bill repeals Code chapter 304A, which relates to the inclusion of fine arts elements in state buildings. Under current Code section 304A.9, whenever a state building is to be constructed, the contracting officer or principal user shall, at the time of engaging or directing an architect to prepare plans and specifications for the building, contact the arts division of the department of cultural affairs which has authority to ensure that the fine arts elements will be integrated within, on, or about the total environment of such construction. Code section 304A.10 requires the cost of fine arts elements to be at least one-half of 1 percent of the total estimated cost of the state building or group of buildings.”

Introduced by: Rep. Dean Fisher ®
Referred to: House State Government Committee


HF 245 – proposal to appropriate money to the Iowa Cultural Trust Fund

“This bill appropriates $6,135,000 from the taxpayer trust fund created to the Iowa cultural trust fund for the fiscal year 2016-2017, to supplement appropriations otherwise made for administration of the Iowa cultural trust fund. The bill takes effect upon enactment.”

Introduced by: Rep. Charles Isenhart (D), Rep. Liz Bennett (D), Rep. Curt Hanson (D), Rep. Timi Brown-Powers (D), Rep. Sharon Steckman (D), Rep. Jerry Kearns (D),  Rep. John Forbes (D), Rep. Bruce Hunter (D), Rep. Mary Mascher (D), Rep. Timothy Kacena (D), Rep. Marti Anderson (D), Rep. Mary Lynn Wolfe (D), Rep. Wes Breckenridge (D), Rep. Cindy Winckler (D), Rep. Todd Prichard (D), Rep. Ruth Ann Gaines (D), Rep. Dave Jacoby (D), Rep. Bob Kressig (D), Rep. Andy McKean ®, Rep. Jo Oldson (D)
Referred to: House Appropriations Committee

Rachel Buse