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Week of Friday 19



Zine Sale and the first ever Zine Rock Opera is happening this weekend. There will be over 30 artists selling their self published stories, drawings and xeroxed concoctions. Free Exile Beer curiosity of YELP Des Moines will be available during the sale. Also, come early on for swag bags and prizes. Many hearts and hands have come together to make this happen. Do you like it? 


F R I D A Y :

5 PM- Zine pARTy! Smokey Row

Workshop for high school students with Cat Rocketship and Rob Stephens

6 PM - SelfPublish, SelfPromote, SelfDestruct Plain Talk Books


S A T U R D A Y :

2 PM - Roach Motel Zinefest Vaudeville Mews, FREE

6 PM - Zine Rock Opera Vaudeville Mews, $ 5


M O N D A Y :

5 PM Ingersoll Wall Crawl Start at Moberg Gallery

O P P O R T U N I T I E S 

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