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Week of June 30


Prompt Press is currently open for creative writing submissions influenced by the images of Lauren Frances Evans. (source)

B O U N D  T O  B E I N G

Prompt Press is an online and book arts journal for writing inspired by visual art and visual art inspired by writing. Every six months we showcase an exciting new or established artist, online, and invite others to use their work as a prompt, trigger or source of inspiration.

For our seventh round we’re featuring a body of work by Lauren Frances Evans. We’re now accepting visual responses to any or all of Lauren’s images. You may respond to a single detail within a single image, or to the group as a whole. We’re not a traditionally ekphrastic journal. That is, we don’t want work that attempts to faithfully re-present the prompt. We’re more interested in the prompt’s effect on you: how do you process the prompt? how does your particular vision refract through, or bounce off this new lens? We invite you to visit our site, enjoy the work, and, if you feel inspired, to submit a response.  We hope that the images will offer a new opening into your ongoing adventures with words. Our editors will select several responses to be published on our site. At the end of this round responses will be included, along with Lauren’s prompts, in a limited edition, collectable art book. Visit here.


T H I S  W E E K

THUR 5 PM Closing Reception - GROUP 1:30 FOUR Exhibit Polk County Heritage Gallery

THUR 6 PM Hot Topic Forum: Fearless Questions Answered Omaha

FRI 5 PM Social Crossings Community Social Grinnell

FRI 6 PM Exhibition Reception - Manibus: Ballet, Innovation, Fine Art Mars Cafe

FRI 7 PM Ungravity- New Works By Nathan Esteras The Lift

SUN 12 PM Art Bazaar Plain Talk Books & Coffee

TUES 4 PM Closing reception for Ken Dubin / Dennis Kowalski Ottumwa


O P P O R T U N I T I E S : **new and last chance**

**Art on the Prairie 2017 Poet Application Deadline Jun 30**

**Agriculture Art Exhibition Deadline Jul 1**

**“Our Main Street” Public Art Project Deadline Jul 3**

Water Treatment Plant Public Art Contest Deadline Jul 27

Prompt Press Creative Writing Submissions Deadline Aug 1

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