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Week of March 30


Charles Lindsay (American, born 1961) Installation in progress, 2016 Sculpture, video, mixed media (source)

O N L Y  T H I N G  T H A T ’ L L  D I S S O L V E  G O L D 

3/30/17 -Two of the artists featured in the Des Moines Art Centers ‘Alchemy: Transformations in Gold’ will present 20-minute talks about their respective work followed by an interview with Curator Laura Burkhalter and Q & A with the audience.

Luis Gispert’s “Aqua Regia” works—two of which are in the Art Center exhibition—defy classification, hovering between painting, sculpture, and collage. The series, titled after the only substance that can dissolve gold, features gold chains sparkling from a bed of glittering stone. These largescale works reference action painting, musical culture, and the surprising ways the most humble of materials can meld with the most precious.

Charles Lindsay’s installations combine antiques, plant and animal matter, refuse from the space program, and sound, video and light into “field stations” on another planet. What will humans take with them as they explore the universe? Alongside survival gear, do we export our cultural ideas, virtues, or vices? Lindsay’s work blends art, science, and philosophy into immersive environments that speculate on these questions.

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6:30 PM- Artist Discussion: Luis Gispert & Charles Lindsay Des Moines Art Center

7 PM - Riverview Artist Salon 3 The Basement

7 PM - Kligman, Drawings benefiting the ACLU The Residential


S A T U R D A Y 

12 PM - Grant Wood Studio Reopening Cedar Rapids

4 PM - Belize and Points West an Art Exhibition featuring Photography Frame Works

5 PM - Post-Space: Transit of Memory | works by Elizabeth Munger Iowa City



7 PM - Mendi + Keith Obadike “Sound Structures” Anderson Gallery, Drake University


O P P O R T U N I T I E S : **new or last chance**

**Area 515 Artist in Residence Program Deadline Mar 31**

**Art on the Prairie 2017 Artist Application Deadline Apr 1**

**Public Art for Madison County By Ways Project Deadline Apr 7**

**Blanden Art Museum’s 2017 OAK HILL JURIED EXHIBIT Deadline Apr 7**

IAC Art Project Grant Deadline May 1

6th Annual Reinbeck Art Festival Deadline May 17

Art on the Prairie 2017 Poet Application Deadline Jun 30

Agriculture Art Exhibition Deadline Jul 1

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