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Week of October 22

Close up of Will Grant’s the “Edge of Time”

F A N T A S Y : A n  A r t  S h o w :

Come meet the artists behind this amazing art show celebrating Fantasy! Sword and sorcery, mythical creatures, epic adventures, and so much more!

Featuring the works of- Corey J. Burnett-Hanssen, Kaitlin Flury, Tyler Walpole
Shawn Palek, Lena DeGregory, Tony Sims, Julie McCullough, Will Grant Maddy Fusco, KimB Kreatures, Megumi Bauer, Christian St. Pierre and D. Ryan Allen.

U P C O M I N G :

THUR 6 PM - FANTASY: An Art Show

THUR 6:30 PM - Gallery Talk: Laurel Nakadate: Strangers and Relations

THUR 7 PM - Women in Art: A Round Table Discussion

FRI 6 PM - Whistling in the Dark

SAT 3 PM - Poetry Reading by Bradford Tice, Paul Brooke, and Kyle McCord

SAT 6 PM - 7th Annual Halloween Horror Art Show

SUN 12:15 PM - Works by Guy Kyar


C A L L  F O R  A R T I S T S :

How does artmaking fit into your life when working a full-time job (or several part-time jobs), performing domestic chores, being politically engaged,etc.? Does your work change, in scale or ambition, or become about your situation in some way? Do you find other avenues to express your creativity, and if so, what do they look like? Is it possible that the routine systems of maintenance and care that you are practicing everyday are in some ways art or can be art, or have you made them into art?

We ask interested artists to submit a piece or project, along with a short statement related to these questions. If chosen, both will be displayed in a group exhibition at Public Space One in Iowa City in December 2015. Submissions ranging from artwork that is decidedly opposite to your job to projects in which your job becomes your creative practice are welcome. Send submissions to

Submissions accepted on a rolling basis up to Sunday, November 15.



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