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Week of 2/8
MTMB (2004) oil paint on canvas 70 x 80” ( source )

MTMB (2004) oil paint on canvas 70 x 80” (source)

Alex Brown (1966–2019)

via Art Forum: The painter and musician Alex Brown, who exhibited at Feature Inc. in New York from 1998 until its closing in 2014 and played guitar in the seminal hardcore punk band Gorilla Biscuits, has died at age fifty-two following an aneurysm. Brown’s painting often worked from found photographs from travel brochures and postcards, press materials, and the internet, which Brown then filtered or superimposed with complex, often gridlike patterns. These lent the canvases a quality of Op Art or a trace of digital manipulation, though they were made freehand.

Brown was born in 1966 in Des Moines, Iowa, and studied art at the Parsons School of Design in New York, eventually resettling in his hometown. In addition to his close association and frequent exhibitions with Hudson, his dealer at Feature Inc., Brown had solo exhibitions at Gallery Min Min, Tokyo; Blondeau Fine Art Services, Geneva; and Twig Gallery, Brussels.

“I think that the paintings are merely voyeuristic due to the fact that the images are not mine and I find myself looking for a story within them—a story which I try to expose by boiling out the proverbial impurities,” Brown said in a 1999 interview.

“There does exist a rather quiet, if not silent, conversation between the paintings—one that arises not so much out of a common theme as out of a common hand. The subjects in the most recent work have become less of a statement and more of a simple means to an end . . . [They] embrace this amorphic, nebulous middle-ground between the simple pleasure of re-creating something recognizable and cogent, and the sheer frustration of losing that object/image.”



5 PM As Long as Life Endures: Ars Sacra and the Divine Feminine CSPS, Cedar Rapids

5 PM Artist Reception- From Our Soil: Monochromes in Nature Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden


4:30 PM Gallery Night: For the Love of Food Letsch Law Firm, Grimes

6 PM CAMERA OBSCURA: Des Moines Street Photography Mars Cafe

7:30 PM Keeping Up Appearances - A Play Reading Lamoni

8 PM Drawn, Mise-en-scène Red 020819 (41.2565° N 95.9345° W) Project Project, Omaha


1 PM Local Author Fair Beaverdale Books

7 PM The Weird Things Art Terrarium

7 PM Yellow Door Salon Series No. 17 Hosted by Thai & Jillian **needs a ticket to attend


2 PM Iowa Artist Fellowship Informational Webinar Iowa Arts Council


Art Beacon Artist in Digital Residence: Tibi Chelcea


**new and last chance

**Des Moines Women's Club Art Exhibition Deadline February 12th

Vermont Sculpture Residency 2019 Deadline February 15th

Design on Main Gallery Call for Art 2020 Deadline February 28th

Nomadic Press Deadline February 28th

**Into the Blue: Iowa Artists Juried Deadline March 1

ACRE Residency Deadline March 10th

Ring Out for Art 2019 Deadline March 12th

**DUMA Biennial Deadline March 14th

Iowa Artist Fellowship Program Deadline March 15th

Des Moines Underground Film Fest Deadline April 20th

**Additional Opportunities Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs

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